How To Make Your Home Look Instagram Worthy?

In a day and age where almost everybody uses instagram to boast about their lives and upload content from their everyday lives, the most famous homes of instagram often tend to look a certain way. If your house is painted white and looks like an Italian restaurant, your home could probably qualify as an Instagram worthy home. If you’re somebody who scrolls through Pinterest and Instragm for hours wishing you could decorate your house similarly, the tips that we have mentioned below will definitely help you achieve the look of an aesthetically pleasing home.Go thriftingIf you’re somebody who has never gone thrift shopping for furniture, you are definitely missing out on a whole lot of beautiful pieces of furniture that you could easily afford and decorate your home with so look up thrift stores in your area and pay a visit.

Thrifting is not only a great way to get some nice furniture for a bargain but it is also more environmentally friendly than buying brand new furniture from your local furniture store. Once you have visited a couple of thrift stores, you will definitely find many pieces that you will be interested in.

Aside from thrift stores, you should also look into visiting a few garage sales as they will have everything from leather dining chairs Australia to lounge chairs. Garage sales too will most likely have a lot of nice items for a fraction of the price it was originally sold for.

Fresh Paint

Even if you weren’t able to find the best bar stools and leather dining chairs you were looking for at the thrift stores, a fresh coat of paint on your walls alone will make a huge different to making your home look more put together. White walls are the new trend when it comes to home décor and home improvements so don’t hesitate to jump on the bandwagon and give your house some fresh and crisp looking white walls. If you’re not a fan of white, you should still just try it. We can guarantee you that you will love it.

Natural Light

If your house receives a very low amount of sunlight, you should really consider opening up some windows and letting the sunlight penetrate into your home as it will help your home look ten times better than before.

Buy some plants

Instagram and pinterest users love their plants because it is a great way to bring some life into a room. There’s something very aesthetically pleasing amount having the color green surround you in your environment so be sure to buy some planters and plant some of your favorite plants.