Tips To Decorate A Living Room

Living room is a place where your guest will visit first. In fact, guests and friends like to chat by sitting in the living room. So, your living room should be a decorative one. On the contrary, if the living room looks dirty and undecorated, then it will leave a negative impression. However if your living room is not big, even then you can decorate it by following tips. A living room should be coloured in bright colour and decorated with various types of show pieces. Furniture is one of the important factors which you should not forget about. And entertainment units will add style and function to the room. So here are some tips to decorate living room.

  • You can decorate with mirror: It’s all about making the room larger than its real size. If you have a small living room then you need not to feel low because you can double the size of the room. Interior decorators prefer to place mirrors on that areas of a room which can reflect the whole space. After putting the mirror in its suitable place when you see the room, it will look bigger than its real size. Besides, by installing a beautiful mirror you can give the living room a nice look. You can place modern dining tables in the room if your home is small and don’t have space for a dining room.
  • By using bright colours:There are several ways to decorate a living room and use bright colour dining tables is one of the most appropriate suggestions among them. Try to use red, sky blue, yellow and white in the living room. After using these colours the room will look bigger and brighter than before. Besides, these colours leave healthy impacts on people and they also help to stay active every time. Apart from using them you may also use neutral colours on walls, floors and ceiling and furniture upholstery. Off-white colour will be just perfect among this neutral colour. Besides, soft hues also help to reflect light and make the room brighter than before.
  • Try to attract people by making attractive roof: People not only see the vertical dimension of a room, besides they also take a look on horizontal dimension. If the ceiling of your house is very high, then you can easily draw attention of people by designing. Floor-to-ceiling drape is an amazing way to attract people. Another way to make the room vertically attractive is decorating with beautiful art pieces. By hanging some portraits and paintings you can expand the real length of the room.