Uses Of Cashmere Fabric

Cashmere is a fiber, mainly obtained from the neck region of cashmere goats, but can also be obtained from other types of goats. The fibre is mostly considered to be wool, but actually it is a hair that has very exceptional characteristics compared to sheep’s wool. It is strong, light, soft and has a fine texture. Clothing made from cashmere fabric provides excellent insulation compared to those made from organic cotton. Cashmere goats normally have a double fleece which consists of soft, fine hair and a coarser coating of the hair known as the guard hair. The two types of hair have to be separated through a mechanical process called de-hairing so as to produce the finest cashmere which is ready to be dyed and transformed into garments, fabrics and other textile yarn.

While most people think that cashmere is always available, it is not so as it is only collected during spring when the goats naturally shed the winter coating (moulting). Cashmere of the Andes, especially can only be collected during the end of May or early March. Although the quality and use of the material depends on the region it is an expensive material not only used for clothing but also for other accessories like gloves and scarves. Some people do not like how it feels on their skin, hence purchase other accessories made from cashmere fabric. So what are some of the other uses of cashmere fabric?

Cashmere fabric is used in various arts and crafts for example, making puffy toys and in embroidery. Since cashmere can be spun it makes a suitable fabric for an arts and craft project. Cashmere fabric can also be used to make carpets and sisal rugs as it can be spun and turned into yarn like other kinds of wool. The yarn produced is then used to manufacture carpets and rugs. In such a case only the coarser, less refined wool is used as the fine hair tends to be too soft to make such products. Another use for cashmere fabric is in making tent curtains and ropes. Though cashmere fabric is mostly used in producing luxury items, the coarser, sturdy fibres can be put together with other kinds of fabric to produce inside hangings for tents and tether ropes. However, it is not a very common feature for most camping equipment as cashmere is not waterproof, but when combined with other types of fibre, they can be improved into a tough fabric for other long-term uses.

The traditionally cashmere fabric was used to make grain bags. It has, however changed with other kinds of fabric coming into play to produce such bags as a result of increased demand for the bags. Cashmere fabric is still used to make normal school bags which allow users to safely transport items inside them. It is also used to make various types of blankets, especially baby blankets due to its fine and soft texture it provides not forgetting the fact that it is easily manipulated. Such are some of the other uses of cashmere fabric.