Relaxing Your Mind And Body

Oh, how we dream of coming home after a hectic day of work or a busy schedule running errands and what not, to finally sit down kicking our pair of high heels or stuffy office shoes off and to sink in to a comfortable chair and just do nothing. Even though we all dream of things like that during our busy day (to get motivation obviously to finish our hectic day without dropping on to the floor and crying) we end up going home with a pile of files or groceries and we just have to get back in to either mommy daddy mode or just struggle to finish off the workload we brought home from work for tomorrow.

Did you notice that we have become so busy that we do not have time to enjoy living? Leave aside the enjoying part for a bit and see whether we even realize that we are indeed living and breathing every day. We are so busy and packed with work that we don’t have time or can’t afford to have time to sit back and enjoy mere living. We all work to earn money. We earn money to live. But we are so caught up in the task of earning money that we can’t even remember that the whole purpose of earning money is to make sure that we live a good life. What is the use of earning if we are suffering and is stressed out all the time because of it? Everything we do is to make sure that we live so we just can’t forget living.

So what do we do? Learn to give yourself some quality “me time”. Find ways just too simply unwind and get rid of all the stress inside your body and mind. So you would ask me what to do. Simple it’s all up to you. Find your own little ways to unwind. What will suit me would not suit you obviously because different minds and different minds. Let me tell you what works for me. I am a huge fan of plunge pools.  The first time I heard of these pools I wasn’t sure but decided to go in for one after a while. I got one set up in my backyard. For those of you who don’t know what a small plunge pools is, it’s basically a small pool for lounging, wading and cooling off.

This is not a large pool that is used for exercising and swimming. You can just dip yourself in it and simply enjoy a relaxing time. It is also very cost-effective and easy to handle with minimum water requirement. It also saves a lot of space and is ideal for a small backyard. I just dip myself in the water and tune in to some soft relaxing music on my ipod sipping lemon tea. This really helps me unwind and it doesn’t take me long. I just do it for twenty or fifteen minutes and I am up and about with recharged batteries.So find a way to unwind on your own way and enjoy living.